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Adjunct Professor at Portland State University

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In 2006, I founded Feedia,

a transmedia production company with a desire to create innovative and engaging content. "Transmedia (as defined by Henry Jenkins in his 2006 book Convergence Culture) is storytelling across multiple forms of media with each element making distinctive contributions to a viewer/user/player's understanding of the story world. By using different media formats, it attempts to create entrypoints through which consumers can become immersed in a story world."

I have been crafting strategies, envisioning stories and producing media content across these entrypoints for clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits. I have used social media, video, animation, apps, interactive, virtual environments and more to extend my clients stories. I have a passion for technology and use it to help my clients understand the shifting media landscape. Experimentation and research are engrained in my DNA. This mindset helps me to discover the next wave or understand what doesn't work. I developed Feedia under a flex agency model allowing me to be nimble and to scale as needed for projects. I thrive on collaboration often working in conjunction with other agencies on large projects. The best work comes out of collaborative creative sessions. Isn't it time that we worked together? Drop me a line or give me a call 503-334-2564

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A good strategy means your vulnerability to variables is greatly reduced. Thorough analyses of ideas, policies, rationals and actions will help inform successful strategies. The essential logical structure of a good strategy contains three elements: diagnostics, a guiding policy, and a coherent action. I use these three elements to guide any strategic planning session to help my clients see beyond just goals and develop a solid well rounded strategy.


I have extensive experience producing for digital as well as traditional media. In web producer roles, I have developed scope and architected web solutions for projects big and small. As a web producer I have conceived of and developed digital content to drive traffic to web properties. I have also worked with partners on ad placement and creation as well as PPC campaigns. In more traditional video producer roles I have conceptualized the production, created the budgets, managed the crew as well as directed several shoots over my career. Producing is like dance you need to lead while not stepping on toes.

Creator Creator

It all starts with a good story and the creative process of formulating that story often starts in developing a pitch. I have successfully pitched Fortune 500 clients throughout my career and landed work. The experience I have in creating content across the spectrum of mediums is a major advantage when it comes to understanding the full requirements of a project.

I have over ten years of experience with the full Adobe creative Suite. From Photoshop to Dreamweaver I can dig in and create content from scratch or update existing content using modern web frameworks like Wordpress. I am committed to HTML5 and see this standard as a new way to gain more control of the canvas that is the web. HTML5 allows for more creative freedom and greater interactivity without custom plugins.


After you’ve scripted your story shot it in the studio then it’s time for post. I avoid the “we can fix it in post” mentality. However sometimes things happen and what’s done in post can save a project and/or create some magic that brings it all together. Excelling at post is all about great pre-production and I strive for both.

I am well versed with Final Cut Studio and have used it for commercial television work as well as video output for online distribution. I also use Premiere and find it sometime fits more smoothly in an Adobe workflow. I have been working with 3D and Motion Graphics since the 90's. My current tools of choice to create Motion Graphics are Cine4D and After Effects.

Socail Media Social Media

I have been helping clients understand social media and its impact on their business for years. From crafting corporate social media guidelines to building communities I have leveraged social media to effectively communicate brand messaging and create new paradigms in customer relations. I focus on three main area’s in social media:

  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Customer Service

By compartmentalizing social strategies to these buckets I believe we create a more coherent plan and play to the strengths of the major social platforms. Social media also requires a good deal of SEO. By understanding that YouTube is the second largest search engine, you can greatly improve your discoverability, boosting traffic to desired digital destinations. Social media is not a magic bullet. It is a another tool in the marketer’s tool belt to help them reach a maturing and savvy consumer base that is less likely to be swayed by traditional methods. This new consumer is much more influenced by peer and trust relationships and expects brands to listen as well as sell.


I am an adjunct professor at Portland State University teaching digital strategy with a focus on social media marketing. My class feeds into multiple certifications at the University :

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Interactive Producer
  • Internet Design

#WM403 Social Media Marketing- The proliferation of social media platforms and applications has changed the marketing landscape significantly, impacting how we buy and sell products, and how we reach customers, interact with friends, and talk about things we like (or hate).

Understanding this fast-changing landscape and the opportunities available is critical to effectively leveraging social media marketing. In this class, we introduce a best-practice methodology, cover award-winning strategies and techniques, and give you the guidance and tools that help you create successful programs and campaigns.

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